GENETICS: When we look at the resources and see the families have autistic relatives or siblings we might say autism has a genetic background. Human DNA contains up to 50.000 genes but still not easy to say how do they work. On the other hand autism is a spectrum and each person is unique so each of them has to deal with different issues. When some autistic people has hyperactivity, sleeping problem, gastrointestinal problem or mental illnesses some others may not have any of it. In that point which gene or genes will we think about if we even we don’t know how they do work? Last studies show many genes up to 20 or more might involved with autism.Every study gives more hope for solving autism.

Autism and late speech development

autism baby speech When children reach around 3 years old they normally start to talk after having taking a number of different steps or stages on learning how to talk. Around a year they might say some words after babbling long term, they respond if you call their names. A child may also point with its index finger if they want  something or even shake their head if they wish to avoid something. Some children might talk with sentences even before than 3 years old. Girls mostly talk before boys, and children who live in one language home tend to talk earlier than other children who lives in a home where several languages are heard.

It is one of the signs speech and language problem that cause talking late with an autistic child. They often speaks late or they stars to talk and lose their talks after autism , uses metallic abnormal tone, does not understand any simple sentences, repeats the same words again and again, does not respond their name, doesn’t respond to your question and mostly answers with the question instead of answering, they mostly do  grammar mistakes, they don’t point the things they don’t know how to use their body language. On the other hand some of them just makes noises not even words.

Talking late should not call you just autism; your child might have some other problems like language disorder, hearing problem or some other developmental problem. Talking late one of the most common problem in autism spectrum. The best thing you can do correct diagnosis  and good  treatment like speech and language therapy.

There are so many types of speech threapies you can reach. If you find the best one which suits your child then you can find a way to connect his/her world. Sign language or PECS or some others can be the way to communicate. There is always a way to communicate.

Did I cause my child’s autism

Did I cause my child’s autism?

Autism and parents

This is another question that makes you unhappy as a parent. Actually what cause your child’s autism? There is no agreement about it but you can see so many theories like

  • genetics
  • prenatal and post natal environment
  • developmental aphasia
  • autoimmune disease
  • viral infections
  • heavy metals like lead
  • leaky gut syndrome
  • vaccines
  • seizures


As a parent when you hear all these theories you should not blame your self. There is no proof about you causing the problem. It might take very long time to find out. The best thing you can do research and trust your physicians and therapists and teachers for a god treatment.

What causes autism?

autismThere are so many theories like genetics, brain damages, otoimmunity problem, infections, developmental aphasia, vaccines, seizures, heavy metals like lead etc.

No one can be really sure, but a lot of the available evidence suggest genetic causes combined with environmental factors.

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All the questions in your mind

When you find out your precious child’s autism, you think about thousands questions from the first second.  They are not really easy to answer. Lets have a look did you ask these questions in here like

  • Will he talk one day?
  • Will he go to toilet by himself?
  • Will he communicate with us?
  • Will he go to a normal  school one day?
  • Can autism be cured
  • What causes autism
  • What about autism and vaccines   etc

Questions about autism